Welding humor

Humorous Welding T-Shirts

Everybody needs a chuckle now and then.  Wear your profession with pride and humor – let folks know you weld.

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Welding Humor - Hourly Rates

Welder Hourly Rates

Welding Humor - I know I'm on fire
I know I’m on fire. Let me finish this weld and I will put it out

Welding Humor - it's like sewing with fire
Welding – it’s like sewing with fire

Welding humor - education is important
Education is important but Welding is importanter

Welding T-Shirt - Hour Rates - FunnyWelder Hourly Rates

Welding T-Shirt - Helmet Drops Bullshit StopsWhen the helmet drops, the bullshit stops

Welding humor - I welded, it heldedI welded, it helded

Welder T-Shirt - What I doWelder – every day using the hands of a surgeon and the genius of an artist. I fuse metal together with electricity and fire to build the world.  What do you do?

Welding T-Shirt - I am a welder
I am a helmet wearing, heat bearing, sparks enduring, metal fusing, gas-flowing, torch-blowing, hammer-pounding, blue flame-breathing, safety first-minded welder

Welding humor - will weld for tacosWill weld for tacos