An ode to welding

Oh, welding, how your sparks do fly

As metal bonds beneath your eye

With flame and heat, you’re almost done,

What once was separate is now joined as one

Your artistry is not for all

It takes a steady hand to call

The arc to life, to make it sing

And fashion shapes from everything

You bring together steel and might

With precision that is out of sight

Your workmanship, a thing of lore

As strength and beauty come to shore

From cars and planes to ships at sea

You hold them fast with bravery

And in the hands of masters, true

You turn dull metal into art anew

Oh, welding, how you’ve changed the world

With strength and beauty, you’ve unfurled

A legacy that will endure

Of bonds that hold, of metal sure

We sing your praises loud and clear

And bow to your great craftsmanship, dear

For in your flames and sparks, we see

A world of endless possibility.

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