Custom Welding Caps

Looking for perfect custom welding caps that express your personality while keeping your head and neck safe? Look no further

Personalized Welding Caps

Not much to say here, if you weld, you know what this is.  Not baseball hats, not visors, but welding caps and preferably, custom welding caps.

Baseball caps are made for play and will melt in welding environments. 

Welding caps are made for welders to look good and provide additional protection for the welder. They must fit comfortably under your helmet.

Show some personality while also protecting your neck, ears, and head from sparks, slag, debris, and ultraviolet rays.  

Osha requires that these caps be made of 100% cotton, so be sure you abide.  You’ll find some that are reversible with different prints on each side. Welding caps should be worn tight so you’ll want to ensure you buy high-quality caps that won’t shrink or stretch after washing or a lot of use. 

We highly recommend finding a supplier, testing out a cap or two, and when you find the right one that works, continue buying from that source.

The design of the welding cap – what it looks like – seems to be the primary driver here.  All American welding caps are particularly popular these days. All other things being equal (made correctly, good fit, high quality, etc), why not? 

Again, show some personality.  Many places that offer custom welder caps also offer embroidery as well, so you can have your name, nickname, slogan, etc added to your custom embroidered welding caps for a bit extra.

Another point to consider is how the cap is physically made.  If made from a single or only one or two pieces of material, it may bunch at the top causing a cone-head appearance that can be uncomfortable and also just looks odd. 

High-quality caps are typically made of more pieces of material (up to 6 or more) so when they are sewn together, the resulting fit is much tighter with less loose material to work with.

Order your cap with the correct measurements. 

Some welders like the cap to fit right over the ears while others prefer the cap to cover half of the ear.

Whatever your preference, this is how you measure. 

Take a tape measure, or have somebody do it, and measure the length around where you like to wear your cap. 

The average sizes for this are 7 1/4 inches for women and 7 3/8 inches for men so if you ended up with something like 13 inches, you probably did something wrong. 

But, head sizes are not consistent, no surprise there, which is why it’s important to do this measurement specifically for your own gourd and order a custom welding cap that will fit well.

If you’re looking to buy welding caps, click this link to see what is available on Amazon. You can check pricing or look for other items.

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